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Journey from Design Brief
to Design Basis
As professionals in space planning, while designing, we believe, emotions are created in every space we create while paying attention to function and form;
be it an energetic feel with brightly lit space,or
be it a cosy feel with adequately lit space
To enhance this feel, one can blend light with ventilation by having Indirect Light, Direct Light, or Skylight and Wind chutes, Fenestration or Jaali works etc., for ventilation, Double Height or a humble height according to the grandeur quotient desired.
Be it any emotion, there is a good opportunity for us as architects to infuse emotions with the space which houses humans; and it is upto the occupants to move from one space to another to feel the emotion. The solace one achieves by moving towards such a space generates positive thought towards life which ultimately motivates the human spirit.
In the process of realising the above vision, we relentlessly drive ourselves in balancing the right proportion of Openings to required Type of Openings and its Position to achieve a desired emotion from the designed space with an appropriate blend of Ventilation.
In fulfilling this mission, we are ably supported by a team of competent Colleagues, Associates and Partners. We, as a team, strive to remain guided by our uncompromising value system and professional ethics. While doing so we are steered by our passion to achieve excellence that enables us to contribute towards the rich tradition of Architecture and Design.
In essence, we are committed to offering higher levels of ‘Customer Delight’.
In a nutshell, this briefly describes our Journey from Design Brief to Design Basis ……….!

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